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Pocket Battles: NFT War

Pocket Battles: NFT War is the world's best casual strategy battle P2E game developed by ME2Zen, a global mobile game company, and published by ME2ON, a global leading social game company.
In Pocket Battles: NFT War, players can collect heroes and create their own powerful army to fight with a combination of 12 Hero NFT, 19 Heroes, and 39 soldiers.
Users can receive Pocket Stone as a reward through Daily Quest and masters league, Pocket Championship, a tournament for NFT Hero holders.

Core Vision : Ecosystem Sustainability

The P2E game market is on a growing trend. As of 2021, the global gaming market was worth $222 billion, with the mobile gaming market accounting for about 61% of the total. (Source: Game Spotlight 2022 reviews)
In the midst of this overall growth of the game market, the P2E game market is also growing year after year, and according to the 2021 annual NFT report, the overall market size of blockchain games accounts for about $5.18 billion during the same period. With the rapid growth of the P2E gaming market, Pocket Battles: NFT War is looking to solve two of the problems that P2E game players face recently.
First, due to the nature of games combined with blockchain technology, the barriers to entry in the genre are gradually increasing. In order to enjoy P2E games, the cost of investing in the early stages is increasing significantly, and games that require a specific NFT of the game to participate in the P2E ecosystem are mainstream. In addition, the way to use various P2E-based services such as the linkage of accounts and blockchain wallets caused by the application of blockchain technology and the purchase and transaction of NFT remains a challenge for general gamers. This initial cost burden and accessibility problem is a barrier to raising the barriers to early entry of games and preventing them from taking long LTVs.
Second, in applying the P2E business model combined with blockchain technology, there are many games with less than expected universal quality and fun levels of applicable games. The act of gameplay should be a sound fun content that utilizes the user's leisure, and regardless of what business model the business model is, whether it is a general package game, a partially charged game, or a P2E game, it should provide a certain level of "fun" to the player to invest time in. However, in the rapidly growing P2E market recently, many games emphasize only the token economy process, which takes time to earn token rewards rather than the essential fun of the game. P2E games are a new form of business model that compensates for the results of gameplay in token form, but webelieves that the game itself should be fun without a token economy, which can fundamentally provide the "fun" that the game provides.
Pocket Battles: NFT War is a casual strategy battle game that meets the eye level of global gamers, and it is designed to allow anyone to participate in the P2E ecosystem through gameplay by linking a metatmask wallet without initial input costs, and to enjoy more intense competition and rewards by forming a stronger camp through NFT purchases. In addition, all of this is done with beautiful graphics made of UNITY and the fun of deep strategy, making it high-quality gameplay that you can't let go of by gameplay itself.

Key Fun Features

1. Stunning Graphic It's fun to play and watch various heroes and soldiers with stunning and eye-catching graphics made by UNITY engine.
2. The Joy of Strategic Battle The battle isn't simply about having higher battle power. The player can build an optimal strategic squad and formation to fight the enemy.
3. The Joy of Upgrade The player can collect soldiers and heroes and upgrade them to strengthen his squad to fight the enemy.
4. The Joy of Competition The player can enjoy various PvP contents such as Arena and Pocket Championship to compete with other user and earn more rewards.
5. The Joy of P2E The player can not only enjoy playing the game but can also earn Pocket Stone by Daily Quest, Arena, and Pocket Championship.