(Cross-chain Bridge) Fleta Converter


Fleta Converter is a tool that you can convert your asset from a chain to another. It is a bridge service for freely sending digital assets to other networks, utilizing Fleta’s cross-chain technology, Gateway System.

You can convert BSC-based assets to other chain-based and vice versa. This will let your token be available on various networks. Once we expand to other chains, this converter will help you to have more chances to participate easily in various pairs that will come out later.

Fleta Converter aims to lower the psychological barrier against DeFi service that DeFi is difficult and complex by helping people use various DeFi services with more convenience.

We believe Fleta Converter will give a huge potential to Fleta Connect ecosystem.

Fleta Converter Fees

Klaytn ➡️ BSC, Polygon: Fee 0.1% + 1 KLAY

BSC ➡️ Klaytn: Fee 0.1%

Polygon ➡️ Klaytn: Fee 0.1% + 1 MATIC

BSC (bFleta & Cherry)➡️Polygon: Fee 0.1%

Polygon (pFleta & pCherry)➡️BSC: Fee 0.1% + 1 MATIC

Fleta & Cherry tokens earned from the fees will be used for marketing and burn.

Fleta Converter Roadmap

Phase 1 : Supporting conversion of $Fleta & $Cherry

Phase 2 : Supporting other tokens' conversion once liquidity on Dex is secured

Phase 3 : Conversion of major coins into f(asset) - Fleta Mainnet based

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