KCherry (Klaytn)

Cherry on Klaytn network

What is kCherry Token?

kCherry Token is a fundamental element of Fleta Connect's ecosystem.

Name: kCherry Token

Ticker/Symbol: CherryPick (kCherry)

Contract Address: 0x751899e974a98eaa03d57217414235fc041a6872

Chain: Klaytn

Emission Rate

Emission/block (kCherry)

Emission/day (kCherry)




Effective Emission



Mining started at Block ######. The emission rate may be changed through future governance.

*#####% of pCherry emitted is distributed to CherryPick, Basket & Vault and the rest of them are either burned or allocated to Dev.

Blocks on Klaytn are validated every 1 seconds in average.

Rates are estimates provided for your convenience only, and by no means represent guaranteed since block time delay may occur.

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