Buyback & Burn Mechanism

MEVerse Connect has a buyback and burn mechanism to keep the tokenomics better all the time.

It is important to know that buyback numbers are burned and not collected so that the Cherry token inflation is controlled and its tokenomics keeps sustainable and better.

Deposit Fee

Deposit Fee will play a significant role to keep the value of Cherry Token at the initial stage. Deposit Fee will be reduced as Fleta Connect grows more.

  • The initial deposit fee for most pairs are 0%.

  • There is withdrawal fee of 0.1% when withdrawing in 3 days after deposit. The fee will be 0% after 3 days.

*Deposit Fee may vary on each pool and be changed at any time.

Delegate Farming

MEVerse Connect will delegate your LPs and earn their tokens by farming on others such as PancakeSwap. This is to generate extra values to make sustainable tokenomics.

  • 80% of farmed tokens will be added to delegate farming fund. This fund will also be used to buyback and burn Cherry tokens and other activities to strengthen Cherry token's value.

  • 20% of farmed tokens will be added in Dev allocation.

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MEVerse Connect also offers auto-compounding Vault service. Users can stake their single asset or LP token in the vault to auto-compound the rewards every day.

Vault Fees (Klaytn)

  • 3% on profits for KCherry

  • 10% on profits for CLA-KLAY pair (8% for delegate fund, 2% for dev. reward)

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