Delegate Farming

Delegate farming is to delegate LPs to earn yields by farming on DeFi service.

For example, if you have deposited your LPs earned from PancakeSwap to Fleta Connect pool then Fleta Connect will delegate your LPs and earn CAKE by farming on PancakeSwap.

As Fleta Connect plans to expand to other chains, we will delegate your LPs and earn other service's token by farming on other chain's DeFi service. Doing so, it will generate extra values to make sustainable tokenomics of Fleta Connect.

How It Works

  • 80% of farmed tokens will be added to delegate farming fund. This fund will also be used to buyback and burn Cherry tokens and other activities to strengthen Cherry token's value.

  • 20% of farmed tokens will be added in Dev allocation.

Chain Expansion

Fleta Connect will expand to multiple platforms and delegate farming will be conducted in different DEXs.

Delegate Farming will be made in their main DEX such as PancakeSwap on BSC chain once we expand more to other networks we will utilize their main DEXs.

Other DEXs to delegate farm will be announced when we launch the new chain.

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