New Chain-based Cherry

We plan to support other chains, not only the BSC. This will help TVL rise and it will make the value of Fleta Connect more unique.

New Chain-based Cherry is a Cherry token earned by farming on a new chain-based service. New Chain-based Cherry is not separate from Cherry token, it's the same asset but on a different chain.

Here are some key points to understand New Chain-based Cherry:

  • Cherry converted to or minted on a new chain is nCherry. (n is subjective to be changed based on a chain.)

  • nCherry is emitted as Cherry on BSC is locked via smart contract on BSC. This means that Cherry tokenomics remains the same including circulating supply inflation.

  • The overall Cherry token metrics remain the same but the Cherry token gains a new field of play with a new chain. This adds a new avenue of yield and related buyback & burns with higher TVL.

  • With this same logic to mining distribution, Cherry is essentially adding the value of a new chain to Fleta Connect.

We currently have Cherry for BSC, pCherry for Polygon, and kCherry for Klaytn.

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