Check Deployment

You can check the deployment by running deployed contract method.

you can check the deployed contract's network with truffle networks command

$ truffle networks
Network: MEVerseTestnet (id: 4759)
  MEVerseGreeter: 0xeb7A1483E3408Af19231262643672719CcFc6E17
  Migrations: 0xD542f454EdEb2CebeDF68a2B6176951c19dff9ed

To connect the deployed contract with network, please use the following command

$ truffle console --network MEVerseTestnet  

create instance and check if it runs well by calling method in instance

truffle(development)> let mev = await MEVerseGreeter.deployed()
truffle(MEVerseTestnet)> mev.greet()
'Hello, MEVerse'

Finally, check the Contract Address in Console and search tx hash in MEVerse Testnet Scan

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