IDE and Tools

This page shows IDE and Tools to develop smart contract on MEVerse.

Remix IDE, is a no-setup tool with a GUI for developing smart contracts. Used by experts and beginners alike, Remix will get you going in double time. Remix plays well with other tools, and allows for a simple deployment process to the chain of your choice. Remix is famous for our visual debugger.

Quickly build, test, compile and debug using Truffle. Write sripts and plugins to automate common processes.

Easily deploy your contracts, run tests and debug Solidity code without dealing with live environments. Hardhat Network is a local Ethereum network designed for development.

MEVerse scan allows users to access different details related to transactions on specific wallet addresses and blockchains including amount transacted, sources and destination of funds, and status of the transactions.

MEVerse Network supports MetaMask, the most widely used wallet.

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