MEVerse Introduction

MEVerse is the most optimum metaverse platform covering Game, Entertainment, DeFi, and NFT with lightening-fast transaction speed and low fees.

  • Entertainment

MEVerse is constantly exploring new values through the convergence of blockchain technology and entertainment, building a platform environment for offering and gaining pleasure. MEVerse blockchain metaverse platform will continuously provide various high-quality services and content centered on blockchain entertainment, and the users can experience the fast speed of joyfulness and the low transaction fee of metaverse games that they never experienced previously.

  • DeFi

The MEVerse chain is linked with various mainnet chains through Gateway, our own cross-chain technology, to incorporate assets based on many different networks into our DeFi service. This means that the users can freely transfer their virtual assets to other networks for versatile usage.

  • MApp

MEVerse provides the mainnet environment with high speed, low fees, and excellent scalability to revitalize MApps(MEVerse/Metaverse/ME+DApp). MEVerse connects a user(ME) with DApps through blockchain mainnet technology optimized for the lives and further creates the metaverse ecosystem. Providing unique content and services in the MEVerse blockchain metaverse platform, MApps will be connected to plentiful users and deliver joy and delight content.

  • Cross-chain Mainnet

MEVerse's cross-chain technology, Gateway, interchanges mainnet coins with other mainnet-based MEVerse tokens. MEVerse seeks to build an environment where users can experience a broader blockchain ecosystem by continuously linking other networks through our cross-chain technology. MEVerse gateway system also provides MApps with a more autonomous and independent operating environment on MEVerse. To, recapitulate, the suppliers who use the services of the MEVerse mainnet can utilize various mainnet ecosystem through our gateway as well as interact with different ecosystems while easily operating their own services.

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