IDE & Dev Tool

MEVerse is EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible.

MEVerse supports Ethereum-based smart contract language Solidity, and developers can develop with IDE/Frameworks that are used for smart contract development and compiling.


Remix IDE, is a no-setup tool with a GUI for developing smart contracts. Used by experts and beginners alike, Remix will get you going in double time. Remix plays well with other tools, and allows for a simple deployment process to the chain of your choice. Remix is famous for our visual debugger.

Remix IDE -


Quickly build, test, compile and debug using Truffle. Write scripts and plugins to automate common processes.

Install command

$ npm install truffle -g

Install Hardhat

Easily deploy your contracts, run tests and debug Solidity code without dealing with live environments. Hardhat Network is a local Ethereum network designed for development.

To install Hardhat, go to an empty folder, initialize an npm project (i.e. npm init), and run

$ npm install --save-dev hardhat

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